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The goal of a commissioned portrait is for the client to receive a work of art that not only meets their standards but also mirrors the true characteristics of the subject matter. Geza Kokai's goal as a portrait painter  is to combine the wants, likes and expectations of the client and create a visual representation. Over the last ten years he has worked in a number of genres and styles to gain a greater understanding of various techniques and artistic processes. Due to this reason he has been able to paint portraits that can focus more on the clients expectations rather than restricting them to one particular style that does not reflect their vision.

The price of the painting will vary based upon the size and number of consultations. The base price will include three consultations and a 9''x12'' painting on wood paneling.


To contact artist or to make any inquires regarding commission work please feel free to contact Geza Kokai using the email link located under the CONTACT tab.

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