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Artist Statement

Geza Kokai is a still-life and portraiture painter. His work focuses on exposing the beauty of everyday moments and objects. Over the years he has developed a processed based approach that incorporates an Iconoclastic mind set to contemporary painting.  This dogma is mirrored in his work when exploring the excessively detailed images he creates. The replicated materials and textured surfaces found in his paintings are intended to capture the abstraction of our daily lives. While his work contains hidden meanings, the familiarity of his depictions allows the viewer to create their own connection and narrative.

Geza Kokai currently works and lives in Toronto Ontario. He has taken part in a number of group and solo shows. His work can currently be found in select galleries and private collections throughout the world.


Geza was born in Budapest Hungary in 1979. He attended OCADU from 1998-2002 then continued on to the University of Guelph where he received a Bachelor of Honors Degree in Fine Art in 2004. During his time at OCADU his interest in Classical Art and Art History led him to Florence Italy where his true passion for still-life painting and portraiture surfaced.

Geza began teaching in 2007 after receiving his Bachelor of education Degree from the University of Queens. As an Artist he continues to create work that pushes his own creativity while trying to gain a greater understanding of the medium he uses.

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